Maintenance for Your Pool

Keeping Your Pool Clean

It’s important to keep your pool clean from algae, leaves, rocks, and other debris so that your pool filter isn’t clogged. Our pool maintenance can make sure your pool is in a swimmable condition with the removal of the debris and the proper chemical content. We take pride in making sure that you are able to fully enjoy your Atlanta swimming pool.

Having our team at Creative Pool & Spa maintain your pool means you receive:

  • Clean filters
  • Elimination of germs in water
  • Maintenance on pools of various sizes
  • The proper functioning of pumps and heater

As with everything we do, we will serve you with honest and dependable pool service. We take the extra steps to make sure each task is performed correctly to ensure you are receiving the highest-quality service and maintenance available. Reach out to us today at (770) 834-5003!

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Been in business since 1993.
  • Always serve our customers with honest, dependable pools and pool products.
  • Take careful steps to ensure that each phase of pool construction is performed correctly and in a timely manner.